“In Search…” wakes up from ‘Corona hibernation’

“In Search …” will be screened in more German/European cities after ‘Corona hibernation’. More information will be available here soon.

Maybe even more important: We want to screen “In Search…” – with mobile cinema traveling to the remote areas – in countries and regions where FGM is still practised. For that we want to start with a pilot project in Kenya.

Later on –  hopefully – the film will be screened in most of the relevant counties. Therefore different language versions of “In Search…”  have to be made with voice over due to the fact, that a part of the audience will not be able to read the subtitels.
All this will need a lot of resources. Therefore we look for donors and partners – also partners in the countries where the film will be screened.

More information will follow.

If you are interessted and/or willing to support us, please get in contact with us!