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Beryl Magoko’s idea from the very beginning was to use mobile cinemas to fight against FGM by screening her film(s) in the respective villages that practice this ritual, thereby attracting attention, enlightenment and a debate on the subject.
The screening of a film only is not enough, but the film can open the doors for experts and social workers who will be travelling with the mobile cinema. They are very important to help the audience – who are usually confronted with their trauma. Conversations with the audience should be held in small groups, or even in private.

The target group will be: Girls, women, boys, men, circumcisers and the elders. We can only bring change if we involve everyone in detailed discussions regarding FGM.

Ideally, this will not only reduce significantly future cutting, but also show women who already went through this practice a way to come to terms with the trauma by “talking about it”.

In order to reach as many viewers in the individual villages as possible, the screenings should be announced on the local radio and a small “pre-screening group” should travel to the villages before the actual day and publicise the events. Also loudspeaker systems can be used for this purpose.

There will be a pilot project in Kenya, which will be evaluated and then be upscaled to other regions and countries.

We know this is a big project. Therefore, we are already working with partners in Europe as well as in Kenya and we are looking for more partners. Any support is highly appreciated.

We are happy about any support. If you would like to make a donation, please use the following information:

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